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  • Video Camera Glasses

    Video Camera Glasses

    Never miss a great moment in life again with these HD-DV Video Camera Sunglasses! You can shoot high definition video, high quality photos and audio allowing you to relive and share treasured moments again and again.

    USD $149.95
  • Car Scratch Remover

    Car Scratch Remover

    Get amazing results in just seconds with this Car Scratch Remover! Car Scratch Remover can be used on all cars, vans, motorcycles, boats, caravans - in all colours. It’s tip has a cushioning system that helps it to adapt to all kinds of surfaces and its technology doesn’t just eliminate scratches, it also fills, seals and protects them from corrosion. No more having to pay expensive body shop charge for minor marks and scratches. Car Scratch Remover solves the problem quickly and easily - and at such low cost.
    USD $49.95
  • Amethyst and Crystal Bracelet

    Amethyst and Crystal Bracelet

    This delightful bracelet is a must have for any jewellery lover! Boasting 3 Genuine Amethyst Cabochons accentuated by sparkling clear crystal accent stones, all set in a herringbone style 19cm gold tone bracelet with easy fold-over clasp. You will bloom with happiness whenever you wear it!

    USD $39.95
  • Roto Hole Punch

    Roto Hole Punch

    Punch additional holes quickly and easily with this Roto Hole Punch. Great for belts, handbag straps, watch bands and more, simply rotate the wheel to desired size and squeeze handles together; it will punch through the thickest of leathers!

    USD $13.95
    USD $18.95 save 26%
  • Traditional Household Handbook

    Traditional Household Handbook

    Forget about expensive branded products for cleaning, cooking, fixing, gardening, health and beauty. You can create your own traditional, 'old-fashioned' remedies and solutions using simple and safe ingredients from around the home and all for just pennies and the information contained in the Traditional Household Handbook.

    USD $34.95
  • Camera Binoculars

    Camera Binoculars

    Never miss great photo opportunities again with these amazing Camera Binoculars.
    The binoculars have a powerful 10x25 telescopic lens PLUS a built-in camera and video recorder so you can record everything you see! Perfect for viewing wildlife, sporting events and concerts, these Camera Binoculars bring the action to you! Plus you can capture every moment with the simple touch of a button, recording stills or short video clips so you can relive the moment again and again!

    USD $99.95
  • Crystal Stud Earrings

    Crystal Stud Earrings

    This classic pair of Crystal Stud Earrings will become the staple of any jewellery collection! Each featuring a 5mm sparkling crystal in a bezel-type gold tone setting, they will give an instant sparkle to any outfit day or night. Suitable for pierced ears.
    USD $19.95
  • Convertible Stockings

    Convertible Stockings

    Here is the ultimate fashion accessory that is comfortable, convenient and stylish for any occasion! These Convertible Stockings have an innovative toe flap design that provides three options for wearing: full stocking, open toe, or anklet. They have a sheer, soft waistband, control panty, hygienic cotton gusset plus the exclusive toe flap, making them the ideal stocking choice every time! Made of pull-resistant woven 20 DEN yarn they will fit and stay comfortable all day long. Each pack contains one pair and they are available in nude or black.

    USD $24.95
  • Comfort Bra

    Comfort Bra

    Who says beautiful bras can't be comfortable? Take a look at our selection of plain stretch and lace stretch comfort bras. These could be just what you have been looking for!

    USD $49.90
  • Silicone Remover & Finisher

    Silicone Remover & Finisher

    The Silicone Remover & Finisher kit is quick, clean and easy to use. The silicone remover has a small cleaning tip for detailed and precision work and the finisher has a choice of 5 easy-change finishing profiles. This would make a great practical gift for all those Do-It-Yourself hobbyists to complete all those jobs around the house!

    USD $12.95
    USD $19.95 save 35%
  • Diabetes Improvement Program

    Diabetes Improvement Program

    Here’s important news for anyone with diabetes. A remarkable book is now available that reveals medically tested principles that can help normalise blood sugar naturally – and even help reverse many symptoms of diabetes with people reporting better vision, more energy and faster healing.

    USD $34.95
  • Iron Cleaning Mitt

    Iron Cleaning Mitt

    Does your iron leave unsightly marks on your clothes? Then this Iron Cleaning Mitt is a must. Made from a special heat-resistant Nomex / polyester fabric it will keep your hand protected allowing you to safely clean your irons soleplate. Fully machine washable. One size fits all. White.

    USD $9.95
    USD $14.95 save 33%