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  • Bio Healing Bracelet

    Bio Healing Bracelet

    If you suffer from: Insomnia, joint pain, sciatica or migraines, try the Bio-Healing Bracelet.

  • Magnetic Compression Socks

    Magnetic Compression Socks

    Say Goodbye to aching legs! There's nothing worse than being on your legs all day especially when you have poor circulation, varicose veins, leg fatigue, swelling or just plain sore aching legs and feet. If you are like most people, you simply live with it, maybe trying stockings, orthopaedic shoes, insoles and other such products from the chemist, including expensive medications, but nothing seems to work - does this sound familiar?


  • Bio Reflex Insoles

    Bio Reflex Insoles

    After years of research and development a German foot insole manufacturer hit upon the idea of combining their advanced footwear technology with the ancient healing art of Reflexology....

  • Action Camera Sunglasses

    Action Camera Sunglasses

    Never miss a great moment in life again with these HD-DV Action Camera Sunglasses! You can shoot high definition video, high quality photos and audio allowing you to relive and share treasured moments again and again.

  • Foldaway Backpack

    Foldaway Backpack

    This Foldaway Backpack measures 22x18x4cm when folded and 42x20x20cm when fully expanded. With adjustable straps, two meshed side pockets, front zipped pocket and additional internal pocket it's great for shopping, holidays, hiking, day trips, evening classes, sports, gym and camping. Made from waterproof nylon.

  • Android Smart Tablet

    Android Smart Tablet

    Enjoy the convenience and excitement of tablet computing for a fraction of the price of other tablets you will find in the shops! Surf the net, send emails, watch films, listen to music, play games and much, much more!

  • Colouring Book

    Colouring Book

    The process of colouring has been proven to relieve stress and provide relaxation for adults, as well as give inspiration and a source of creative expression to the artistically inclined. These Colouring Books provide hours of creativity for everyone. Each piece has a place on the reverse side so your artistry can be captured with a signature and note, and pages are easily removed for framing, or to share with a friend. Three styles available; Nature, Biblical or Friendship. 

  • Easy To Read Watch

    Easy To Read Watch

    Now you too can have a watch that lets you tell the time at a glance and looks as elegant as it is practical. This Easy To Read Watch comes complete with an attractive and comfortable genuine leather wristband.

    $39.95 save 70%
  • Designer Caftans

    Designer Caftans

    Our collection of Designer Caftans are exclusive to us and provide the same flattering style and comfort you have grown to love, giving you ALL the luxury… without the price tag!

    $49.95 save 50%
  • Proven Diet Book

    Proven Diet Book

    If you want to lose weight from your hips, arms, bottom, neck, thighs and tummy but want to avoid the risks associated with diets like ‘Atkin’s’ then help is close at hand. If you are concerned about your weight, you must read the excellent new guide to dieting by renowned health expert Mark Greener - The Proven Diet Book. Greener exposes the pitfalls behind the popular fad diets like Atkin’s which offer speedy weight loss but leave your health in danger, and offers the most sobering explanation for why ‘everything in moderation’, ‘starvation’, and ‘straight calorie counting’ simply DO NOT WORK. You may find some of his findings shocking, but you will certainly find his dieting solutions to be a breath of fresh air. And they WORK! With amazing results in very little time.

  • Two-tone Amethyst & Crystal Necklace

    Two-tone Amethyst & Crystal Necklace

    Amethyst is the stone of passionate love and revelry. This alluring pendant and earring set was made to be worn for a night on the town.

  • Glass and Surface Wonder II

    Glass and Surface Wonder II

    NEW AND IMPROVED Glass and Surface Wonder II cleans off soap scum, makes light work of windows, gives streak free shine to mirrors and cleans car windscreens with ease.

    $34.95 save 14%