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Bamboo Arthritis Socks


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Product Description

If you’re fed up with socks that cut into your legs and leave ugly rings around your calves, you’ll be in heaven when you slip on a pair of our Bamboo Comfort Socks. Made from a super-soft bamboo blend, these socks hug the natural contours of your legs. And because they’re toe socks, you’ll also experience all the benefits of natural toe splay.
Natural comfort
Bamboo has heat-regulating, breathable fibres and anti-bacterial properties too. Perfect for keeping your skin at a temperature that’s just right. 
Get relief TODAY
Order our Bamboo Comfort Socks today and have super comfy feet every day of the week.  Made from 40% Bamboo Fibre, 30% Polyester, 17% Cotton, 13% Elastane. 
  • Fully washable
  • Available in Charcoal Grey
  • Wear day or night
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