• 6-in-1 Handy Hammer

    6-in-1 Handy Hammer

    The ultimate tool for him or her! Every home needs one of these 6-in-1 Handy Hammers! Simply unscrew the handle to extract the hidden screw drivers within. Made from solid chrome plated iron it will take its place in any tool box for years to come! Available in pink.

    €14.95 save 48%
  • Ankle Support

    Ankle Support

    Ankle Support

    €19.95 save 25%
  • Anti Cellulite Roller

    Anti Cellulite Roller

    Anti Cellulite Roller

    €49.95 save 50%
  • Appliance Handle Covers

    Appliance Handle Covers

    Add a fun touch to your kitchen with these attractive Appliance Handle Covers. Each cover is made from soft felt and features red apple appliques along the front with gingham trim on both ends. Set of 2 includes a longer 37cm cover designed for oven or fridge handles and a shorter 25cm cover that can be used on either freezers or microwaves.

    €24.95 save 20%
  • Arch Support Socks

    Arch Support Socks

    Give your arches the compression and support they need to help relieve ligament and muscle strain, heel pain, and tired arches with these Arch Support Socks.

    €9.95 save 50%
  • Arctic Grade Gloves

    Arctic Grade Gloves

    These new Sherpa Gloves have been designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures with a luxurious insulating Sherpa fleece lining that locks in heat to keep your hands warm all day long. You'll never want to wear regular gloves ever again once you've worn Sherpa Gloves. Available in Ladies Black.

    €34.95 save 70%
  • Avocado Slicer

    Avocado Slicer

    This 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer is a must-have for every home! This all-in-one tool splits, pits and slices avocados safely and effectively. Use the blade to slice avocado lengthwise. Follow up with the pitter to remove pit with a safe and easy twisting motion. Then just press slicer into avocado to slice and remove your fruit ready for eating! What could be easier! An excellent gift for all those avocado aficionados! BPA free and dishwasher safe.

    €14.95 save 33%
  • Bamboo Arthritis Socks

    Bamboo Arthritis Socks

    Bamboo Arthritis Socks

    €19.95 save 25%
  • Bamboo Shower Loop

    Bamboo Shower Loop

    Now help is at hand with this luxurious Bamboo Shower Loop. Great for both shower and bath it helps exfoliate skin whilst giving a soothing massage. The cord handles give an easy grip and the bamboo microfibre will invigorate your skin and improve circulation. Dries quickly after use. Fully machine washable.

    €12.95 save 23%
  • Batter Dispenser

    Batter Dispenser

    Just a simple squeeze of the handle and you can control the exact amount of batter to dispense for perfectly sized pancakes, cupcakes, waffles, crepes and more.

    €29.95 save 33%
  • Bed Assist

    Bed Assist

    This Bed Assist features a durable nylon strap with ladder handles to help you ease yourself into a sitting position in bed and then helping you to lie back down again.

    €19.95 save 50%
  • Bicycle Desk Clock

    Bicycle Desk Clock

    Keep ahead of the pack with this classic Bicycle Desk Clock. Featuring reliable quartz movement, alarm function, sweeping minute hand and easy to read; it is finished in a stylish brushed bronze finish that will complement any decor.

    €19.95 save 50%