• Toilet Sensor Light

    Toilet Sensor Light

    Now you can have just the right amount of light where and when you need it with this Toilet Sensor Light. Don’t be shocked by harsh overhead lights, this unique smart motion detection system senses your arrival from as far away as 3.5 metres and turns itself on when you enter.

    AUD $14.95
    AUD $19.95 save 25%
  • Towel Rings

    Towel Rings

    These practical and stylish towel rings will complement any decor. No screws required, they simply fit over the lip of your cupboard.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $39.95 save 50%
  • Travel USB Adaptor

    Travel USB Adaptor

    This handy USB Travel Adaptor is perfect for both travel and home. Featuring 4 USB ports for charging up to four devices in one wall socket it comes with 4 detachable international plugs to keep you covered abroad (US/ UK/ EU/ AU). Now you can quickly recharge both Android and Apple devices, phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and more.

    AUD $24.95
    AUD $29.95 save 17%
  • Trolley Bags

    Trolley Bags

    These eco-friendly grocery bags expand to hold up to 18kg of groceries. Each bag clips onto the side of your shopping trolley, so you can add items quickly and easily. Feature a Velcro fastener and outer pocket for wallets, coupons and shopping lists. Great for picnics, laundry, sporting events and trips to the beach. Fold flat for easy storage. Made from sturdy nylon. Measure 36 x 25 x 30cm. Mold and mildew resistant. Set of 2.

    AUD $17.95
    AUD $24.95 save 28%
  • Ultimate Dust Mite Cloths

    Ultimate Dust Mite Cloths

    Dust mites are microscopic animals that have been linked to allergies, hay fever, dermatitis, rhinitis and asthma. They feed off organic matter, mostly the dead skin found on furniture and in house dust.

    AUD $8.85
    AUD $19.95 save 56%
  • Ultimate Lint remover

    Ultimate Lint remover

    This Ultimate Lint Remover delivers quick and effective removal of fuzz balls, pills, lint and pet hair – guaranteed! One end has an in-built lint brush whilst the other has 3 interchangeable head options for fuzz removal.....

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%
  • Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    PLUS sized luxurious nightwear without the PLUS sized price tag! Say goodbye to uncomfortable nightwear!

    AUD $39.95
  • Ultimate Umbrella Torch

    Ultimate Umbrella Torch

    Keep visible in the rain! Always be sure on your feet in the dark or wet weather with this Ultimate Umbrella Torch! Not only will it keep you dry, the handy in-built LED torch will light your path and make you clearly visible to passersby’s.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $39.95 save 50%
  • Universal Grip Turner

    Universal Grip Turner

    This is a great device to help those who have a weakened grip. This ingenious gadget aids with the task of turning the switches, levers and knobs on most household appliances.

    AUD $6.55
    AUD $19.95 save 67%
  • Universal Tablet Stand

    Universal Tablet Stand

    Here is the ideal solution for giving you an extra hand when using your tablet or phone. This Universal Tablet Stand is made to hold your devices horizontally or vertically, allowing you to talk on the phone, watch videos, surf the Internet, read and more all hands-free. Designed with a wide base to prevent tipping its compact and easy to use. Just flip it open, stick your device firmly against the stand and enjoy hands-free viewing anywhere! Pack includes 1 tablet stand plus BONUS phone stand.

    AUD $14.95
    AUD $19.95 save 25%
  • Versatile Hand Warmers

    Versatile Hand Warmers

    These Versatile Hand Warmers will keep hands and fingers toasty warm! Ideal for anyone using a walking frame, bicycle, cane, or pushing a pram, they are the ideal companion in cooler weather. Their nifty design allows them to fit over most handles and attach using sturdy Velcro and press-studs. Made from heavy-duty, waterproof nylon outer with a warm super soft fleecy inner, they make vital daily exercise a pleasure! One pair.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $24.95 save 20%
  • Vibra Plus

    Vibra Plus

    Guaranteed to raise your sexual pleasure to unimagined heights. Now you can enjoy maximum pleasure for yourself and for your partner with Vibra Plus – the amazing vibrating ring!

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%