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Product Description

Never miss another word with Smart Hear

Do you struggle to listen to the TV? Do you have the volume turned up too high? Are you annoying other members of the family or even neighbours? The Smart Hear listening device will enable you to listen to the TV at the level you want without having to turn up the volume too high. Never again will others complain that the TV volume is too loud.
Worn in front of the ear
Smart Hear is unlike other hearing devices you’ll have seen before. It doesn’t go inside or over your ears. It features headphones that are worn in front of your ears - this may sound crazy, but it works!
The beauty of Smart Hear is it provides crystal clear sound but there’s no need to fiddle in your ears. How does it work? The headphones decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations sent directly to the cochlea. This bypasses your eardrum and it’s an incredibly safe way to amplify sound.
Developed for the military
This technology was first perfected by the military where bone conduction headsets were implemented to enhance clear and accurate communication. So if it works for soldiers on the battlefield, you can be confident it will work for you listening to the TV.
Listen all around you
A big benefit of Smart Hear is that it enables you to hear the TV, conversations or music - without shutting out ambient sound that may be important, such as traffic noise, or your doorbell or telephone when you are watching TV.
Not just for TV – but anything up to 30 metres away!
Smart Hear is not just for the TV, it’s also perfect for the theatre, walking down the street, the cinema, parties, church or noisy restaurants. No longer will you feel left out of conversations.
Very comfortable and easy to use
Smart Hear has comfortable earpieces that are just like modern headphones - anyone will think you are listening to music or using your mobile phone when in reality you are listening to every word and sound around you. It will be your secret!
  • Super-comfy and simple to use
  • No fiddling in your ears!
  • Crystal clear sound

Read what our customers have to say:

“I love it! No more fumbling with those maddening little hearing aids. And my grandchildren say I look trendy wearing my headphones!” - Mrs G. Dorset.

“My husband no longer gets cross when I turn on the TV! Now I just pop on my headphones and everything sounds clear with the volume at a normal setting.” - Mrs A. London.

“I was delighted to bin my nasty old hearing aids. I’ve joined the 21st Century! These headphones are just so easy to use - and they go everywhere with me.” - Mr G. Leeds.

“Thank you so much for Smart Hear. I was so fed up with my old hearing aids. Now I feel I’ve rejoined the world!” - Mr L. York.

“I have never experienced such clear sound, with so little hassle! Thank you!” - Mrs E. Norwich.

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