Car Scratch Repair Pen


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Fix it like a pro!

Keep vehicles looking brand new with this Car Scratch Repair Pen. This product safely removes scratches, dings and nicks from your car's exterior finish quickly and easily. This all-in-one clear coat scratch repair filler and sealer will work on any vehicle and colour. It's non-toxic, permanent, odourless and water resistant formula is easy to apply and comes complete with instructions. Just 3 easy steps: Apply it, buff it into the scratch or scuff, and then just wipe away. 7.4ml.

  • A must item for car lovers 
  • Clear coat works on all colours
  • Non-toxic, permanent, odourless and water resistant
  • Can be used on any car and on any colour
  • 3 easy steps, very simple to apply
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Recommended

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