Carley's Clearance


  • Bed Assist

    Bed Assist

    This Bed Assist features a durable nylon strap with ladder handles to help you ease yourself into a sitting position in bed and then helping you to lie back down again.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Bicycle Desk Clock

    Bicycle Desk Clock

    Keep ahead of the pack with this classic Bicycle Desk Clock. Featuring reliable quartz movement, alarm function, sweeping minute hand and easy to read; it is finished in a stylish brushed bronze finish that will complement any decor.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Bread Slicer

    Bread Slicer

    This expandable Bread Slicer features a cutting guide that enables you to create perfect and even slices every time. You will be able to freshly slice your favourite bakery bread at home easily, evenly and safely

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Car Seat Organiser

    Car Seat Organiser

    This thoughtful Car Seat Organiser gives extra holding space for all your back seat car passengers. Its versatile straps allow you to easily attach it over either front seat headrest, allowing your extra passengers to store their drink bottle, phone, purse and other small items ready to hand. Keeps your car clean and clutter free! Measures 26x16.5cm.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Citrus Juicer

    Citrus Juicer

    This elegant Citrus Juicer includes a handy seed catcher and is ideal for squeezing lemons and limes. The cleverly designed flexible cup catches all pips and pulp leaving only clear fresh juice to drain into your glass! Made with a comfortable soft touch handle for easy use. Dishwasher friendly.

    AUD $7.45
    AUD $14.95 save 50%
  • Craft Scissors

    Craft Scissors

    Get creative with these fun Craft Scissors. Whether scrapbooking, photo album decorating or simply making your own greeting cards this durable tool is perfect for all your creative needs.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Dipping Cone

    Dipping Cone

    Here is the perfect solution for parties and evenings in front of the TV! The Dipping Cone is an ingenious design that let's you serve nibbles or crudités with a dip conveniently together. Try combinations of chips with sauce, vegetable sticks and hummus or bread sticks with some cream cheese. It's a clever way to serve and display delicious finger foods – you can hold it in one hand and eat with the other! Complete with a removable dipping tray that makes prepping, refills and clean-up a breeze.

    AUD $6.25
    AUD $12.45 save 50%
  • Magic Eyebrows

    Magic Eyebrows

    Frame your best features with these Magic Eyebrows. Perfect for those who have permanently lost their hair due to treatment, medical condition or simply for those who want perfect results.

    AUD $5.00
    AUD $14.95 save 67%
  • Non-Slip Water Slippers

    Non-Slip Water Slippers

    Shower or bathe in confidence with these Non-Slip Water Slippers. The latex-free rubber soles provide a non-slip grip making them ideal in the bath, shower, on slippery floors, around pools and spas, boating or any wet surface.

    AUD $7.05
    AUD $19.95 save 65%
  • Paws Devotion Book

    Paws Devotion Book

    For devotees of felines and faith! Take a moment in your day to reflect with this lovely book of famous quotations, classic and contemporary poetry plus Bible-centered devotions, all inspired from the attitude, antics and presence of our beloved cats! 

    AUD $10.45
    AUD $34.95 save 70%
  • The Wonders of Baking Soda

    The Wonders of Baking Soda

    Research centres from around the world report what Ancient Egyptians and Romans knew thousands of years ago that Baking Soda is the wonder home remedy for a cleaner, happier and healthier life! Today, countless reports praise the effective powers of Baking Soda as part of our daily life. And now after lengthy research, over 300 super home healing remedies, recipes and tips, have been compiled by natural health author Amelie Laigneau in the exclusive publication "The Wonders of Baking Soda".

    AUD $10.45
    AUD $34.95 save 70%
  • Universal Grip Turner

    Universal Grip Turner

    This is a great device to help those who have a weakened grip. This ingenious gadget aids with the task of turning the switches, levers and knobs on most household appliances.

    AUD $6.55
    AUD $19.95 save 67%