Carley's Clearance


  • Arch Support Socks

    Arch Support Socks

    Give your arches the compression and support they need to help relieve ligament and muscle strain, heel pain, and tired arches with these Arch Support Socks.

    USD $5.00
    USD $9.95 save 50%
  • Arctic Grade Gloves

    Arctic Grade Gloves

    These new Sherpa Gloves have been designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures with a luxurious insulating Sherpa fleece lining that locks in heat to keep your hands warm all day long. You'll never want to wear regular gloves ever again once you've worn Sherpa Gloves. Available in Ladies Black.

    USD $10.45
    USD $34.95 save 70%
  • Boot Shapers

    Boot Shapers

    These Boot Shapers cater for all shapes and sizes to keep your beautiful boots in shape, all year round.

    USD $18.35
    USD $39.95 save 54%
  • Cat Slippers

    Cat Slippers

    Keep your toes and feet snuggly warm this winter with these charming Cat Slippers. These scuffs are easy to slip on and off so you won't need to bend when you get in and out of bed.

    USD $7.30
    USD $19.95 save 63%
  • Compression Thigh Highs

    Compression Thigh Highs

    The silky smooth blend of Lycra and nylon of these stockings, combined with a non-slip top band provides the light and comfortable support your legs crave. Reinforced sole and heel for durability and comfort

    USD $6.45
    USD $24.95 save 74%
  • Cultured Pearl & Genuine Sapphire Jewellery

    Cultured Pearl & Genuine Sapphire Jewellery

    This elegant set will complement any outfit - day or night! Each handcrafted piece contains a Cultured Pearl and a Genuine Sapphire.

    USD $19.95
    USD $49.95 save 60%
  • Easy To Read Watch

    Easy To Read Watch

    Now you too can have a watch that lets you tell the time at a glance and looks as elegant as it is practical. This Easy To Read Watch comes complete with an attractive and comfortable genuine leather wristband.

    USD $11.95
    USD $39.95 save 70%
  • Handy Magnetic Glasses

    Handy Magnetic Glasses

    These Handy Magnetic Glasses will sit comfortably around your neck so they are always on hand. The magnetic clasp at the bridge of the nose makes it easy to put them on and off plus the arms are fully adjustable, making them perfect for everyone.

    USD $7.45
    USD $24.95 save 70%
  • Heavy Duty Incontinence Pants

    Heavy Duty Incontinence Pants

    Heavy Duty Incontinence Pants 

    USD $13.35
    USD $29.95 save 55%
  • Long Handled Spoons

    Long Handled Spoons

    You will be able to reach the bottom of any jar with these clever Long Handled Spoons.

    USD $5.00
    USD $10.95 save 54%
  • Non-Slip Water Slippers

    Non-Slip Water Slippers

    Shower or bathe in confidence with these Non-Slip Water Slippers. The latex-free rubber soles provide a non-slip grip making them ideal in the bath, shower, on slippery floors, around pools and spas, boating or any wet surface.

    USD $7.05
    USD $19.95 save 65%
  • Pocket Size Fishing Rod

    Pocket Size Fishing Rod

    This ultra strong, foldaway fishing rod is perfect for anglers who are fed up with lugging bulky rods and tackle boxes around. It collapses into a tough super strength tube just 20cm long.

    USD $10.45
    USD $34.95 save 70%