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It could save your life

By Johnathon E. Briggs E.L.S.

Heart disease is Australia’s number one killer – and one of the main causes is clogged arteries. Johnathon Briggs, the author of a new book, Clean your Arteries – It Could Save Your Life - has identified how clogged arteries can cause:

  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • High blood pressure
  • Tired and painful legs
  • High cholesterol
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor balance and ringing in the ears.

If you have any of those symptoms you could be at risk – but luckily for all of us Mr. Briggs now believes it is possible to reverse the damage already done using a very simple method that not only cleans your arteries, but could even save your life. His new method along with hundreds of other tips and secrets that can help clean arteries are found in his remarkable new book Clean Your Arteries – It Could Save Your Life.

It is widely recognised that people who have a healthy lifestyle have more energy, feel great every day, eat well, sleep soundly and even have better powers of concentration. Clean Your Arteries – It Could Save Your Life, shows you a method that will change your lifestyle to a healthy one. Best of all, if you use this method, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or make any major lifestyle changes. There is no rigorous exercise and not even an exotic diet. In fact it is surprisingly simple how easy it is to modify existing habits. Here are just a few examples of the tips and secrets Mr. Briggs reveals in his remarkable new book:

  • The “power vitamin” that may protect you against heart disease
  • The hidden dangers of some popular “healthfoods”
  • The “organic” foods that could help you lose weight
  • The “myth” of a low-fat diet
  • A simple trick to prevent stress and anxiety.
  • Plus much, much more.

The health of your arteries is very important – Don’t waste time; buy your copy of Clean Your Arteries – It Could Save Your Life. Get all the facts.

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