• Thermal Sock Liners

    Thermal Sock Liners

    These Thermal Sock Liners are made of feather-light, durable, reflective fabric developed from aerospace insulation principles in the NASA space program. Wear them under your regular socks to seal out cold and dampness. Aluminised threads are woven through stretch-knit fabric to reflect back body heat like a mirror. One size fits most. Hand wash only.

    AUD $19.95
  • Thermal Underwear

    Thermal Underwear

    Add an extra layer of comfort and cosy warmth underneath your clothing. You'll be amazed what a difference this Thermal Underwear makes. Top and pants easily fit underneath trousers, skirts, blouses, jumpers and much more, so no one else will even know they are there.

    AUD $8.95
    AUD $29.95 save 70%
  • Titanium Knee Highs (5 Pack)

    Titanium Knee Highs (5 Pack)

    Titanium Knee Highs (5 Pack)

    AUD $49.95
  • Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    PLUS sized luxurious nightwear without the PLUS sized price tag! Say goodbye to uncomfortable nightwear!

    AUD $39.95
  • Versatile Hand Warmers

    Versatile Hand Warmers

    These Versatile Hand Warmers will keep hands and fingers toasty warm! Ideal for anyone using a walking frame, bicycle, cane, or pushing a pram, they are the ideal companion in cooler weather. Their nifty design allows them to fit over most handles and attach using sturdy Velcro and press-studs. Made from heavy-duty, waterproof nylon outer with a warm super soft fleecy inner, they make vital daily exercise a pleasure! One pair.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $24.95 save 20%
  • Wash Bag

    Wash Bag

    Prolong the life of your lingerie

    Protect your delicates with this handy Wash Bag. Simply put your soiled items inside, zip the bag closed, then pop it in your washing machine. It will also stop any bra hooks getting caught on other fabrics and tangling. Measures 40 x 50cm.

    AUD $9.95
  • Zipper Tie

    Zipper Tie

    Now the man in your life can get himself ready in half the time with a fantastic Zipper Tie!  This cleverly designed tie comes with a pre-tied professional knot and a zipper sewn in the tail end allowing it to slide up and down for fast and easy dressing and removal. The Zipper Tie is available in a choice of three fashionable colours: Brown, Black or Blue, so there’s one for every outfit.

    AUD $19.95