Cut Resistant Gloves


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Product Description

Protect your hands

These Cut Resistant Gloves will give you confidence when slicing or cutting meat, chopping or peeling fruits and vegetables or filleting fiddly fish.

They are perfect when handling sharp metal, garbage removal, renovating or cleaning up after a glass breakage. They are re-enforced with 2 strands of stainless steel resulting in a high-level of cut resistance.

Made from a high quality special material that is fully machine washable these gloves are very comfortable to wear. They are safe to use and can effectively reduce the risk of accident when handling anything sharp.


  • Stretch fit and breathable, comfortable to wear
  • Super cut resisting, wear resisting and tear resisting
  • Can effectively protect your hands from hurt by cutters or other sharp blades
  • Ideal for use in kitchen, garden, driving, security, outdoor activities and other applications
  • One size fits most.
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