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Ear Pro 4000
Ear Pro 4000
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Product Description

The Ear Pro 4000 delivers crystal clear sound at an affordable price. It’s our smallest and most powerful in-ear amplifier ever!

Impressive sound amplification

Made from top-quality, micro-digital electronic components, the Ear Pro 4000 improves sound levels up to 30 times which means that you can join in conversations without strain – as well as hearing the doorbell, the phone, & the TV and radio properly.

You’ll forget you’re wearing it

This tiny earpiece is sleek, ultra light & fits snugly and unobtrusively in the ear. What’s more, the Ear Pro 4000 adjusts to fit anyone, so there’s no worry about it falling out. And no more feeling self-conscious either!

Excellent value for money

We are proud to offer the outstanding & popular Ear Pro 4000 directly to you at a very pocket-friendly price. So why not take advantage of our half price offer & if you need them for both ears, BUY 2 and SAVE!

After-sales service

Century Mail is dedicated to providing you with a quality after-sales service, so our product advisors are available to answer any questions & ensure you’re 100% happy with your order.

Product Specifications

  • 30x amplification
  • Crystal clear sound
  • 100% adjustable
  • Comes with 5 different sized tips
  • Nearly invisible wires.
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