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Now with the Emergency Flashlight you too can be prepared in any emergency - from blackout to breakdown to unexpected storms. With this Emergency Flashlight you'll always have light and never run the risk of dead batteries. Its built-in, perpetual self-generating power plant can never fail you. It automatically recharges itself every time you use it, sending out a brilliant searchlight beam that lights up the darkest night.

Powers itself just like the self-generating Navy Survival kit flashlights for fliers lost at sea! Thanks to the LED technology all you have to do is squeeze the trigger once and hey presto - light immediately when and where you need it!

No batteries, no recharging and nothing to wear out, burnout or breakdown!

Shoots out a powerful beacon in S.O.S. situations like:

  • A motorist caught on the road with a flat tyre
  • A boater with engine problem
  • Hikers or campers lost in the woods
  • Weighs less than 70g
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