• Doorstops


    These practical Doorstops come with hooks so you can easily store them on the door to keep them safe and organised. Made from high quality rubber they are very flexible and made to last a lifetime. They work on any type of floor giving maximum grip to hold your doors open with ease! Hooks come with self-adhesive backing to stick them where it’s most convenient. Pack of 2.

    AUD $17.95
  • Duck Condiment Set

    Duck Condiment Set

    This charming Duck Condiment Set features a ceramic salt and pepper shaker with matching toothpick holder. All three pieces nest adorably in their little lined basket ready for use whenever you need them.

    AUD $24.95
  • DVD Storage Bag

    DVD Storage Bag

    This handy DVD Storage Bag organises and keeps all your favourite films dust free and at your fingertips! Durable, lightweight bag holds up to 37 DVDs in their cases. Clear plastic walls let you view and select movie titles, zippered top gives you quick access to your collection. Includes webbed nylon handles for easy carrying and folds easily when empty to store. Measures 30.5 x 40.5 x 28cm.

    AUD $6.90
    AUD $19.95 save 65%
  • Easy Shelf

    Easy Shelf

    Need extra space for all those shampoos, soaps, razors and hairbrushes? Look no further than the Easy Shelf to instantly add extra storage to any bathroom corner.

    AUD $24.95
  • Emergency Lifetime Flashlight

    Emergency Lifetime Flashlight

    With this Emergency Flashlight you'll always have light and never run the risk of dead batteries. Its built-in, perpetual self-generating power plant can never fail you.

    AUD $19.95
  • Furniture Feet

    Furniture Feet

    Say goodbye to scratched, scuffed and worn floors with these indispensible Furniture Feet! The flexible sleeves stretch to securely fit onto furniture legs to help keep your floors looking like new! Made clear they blend into furniture making them discreet to your visitors. Durable woven-fibre pads effortlessly glide to protect floors and stop irritating noise. Great for chairs, stools, tables, couches and more! Set of 8: Fit furniture leg size 3.5 – 4cm dia.

    AUD $19.95
  • Gadget Organiser

    Gadget Organiser

    Keep all your cables, adaptors, memory cards and electronic accessories safely in one place with this lightweight Gadget Organiser. It’s soft lining and durable cover protects and organises your valuables and lets you easily locate them when needed. Comes with SD card pocket, zipped pocket and 9 storage sections with elastic to hold items snugly in place. End the frustration of missing cables and computer items today with the Gadget Organiser! Measures 18 x 25cm (closed).

    AUD $19.95
  • Garage Door Screen

    Garage Door Screen

    Need extra space?
    Have you outgrown your home? Taken up a new hobby and need an extra room? Or perhaps you have teenagers that need extra space? Don’t fret – an affordable and easy solution is now at hand!>

    AUD $59.95
    AUD $79.95 save 25%
  • Hair Catcher

    Hair Catcher

    Help prevent hair getting clogged in the drain with this ingenious Hair Catcher. Its easy design lets you install it in seconds and no tools are required. The stainless steel chain is inserted into the drain and the rubber whiskers catch the hair. In 2-4 months, simply remove the Hair Catcher, without needing to touch the hair, and throw it away. No more clogged up pipes! Set of 2.

    AUD $9.95
  • Handy Bulb Light

    Handy Bulb Light

    This Handy Light Bulb gives you instant light with no need for wiring, plugs or electricity. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included) its ready to carry anywhere or attach to the magnetic holder provided.

    AUD $19.95
  • Handy Caddy

    Handy Caddy

    Put all your essential bathroom items into this Handy Caddy and have everything at hand when you need it. Ideal for hospital visits, travelling or simply to tidy your bathroom!

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Handy Sewing Machine

    Handy Sewing Machine

    Now help is at hand for all those minor sewing jobs. This Handy Sewing Machine is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, yet strong enough to get things done! Ideal for hemming trousers and skirts, replacing zips and doing emergency repairs, it sews a strong stitch with ease! Its fully adjustable tension works just like a full-size machine, so you can complete all those outstanding sewing jobs in minutes!

    AUD $19.95