• Hanger Safe

    Hanger Safe

    This novel idea will appeal to the safety conscious. It is a safe disguised as an ordinary hanger! The Hanger Safe is a handcrafted padded coat hanger containing a hidden zippered pouch for stowing away your valuables. Now, whenever you travel for work or pleasure, you can take along the Hanger Safe to hide jewellery, passports and more. The Hanger Safe also doubles up as a great place to store underwear. The Hanger Safe is available in a pretty pink rose pattern and measures 42x27cm.

    AUD $14.95


  • Insect Traps

    Insect Traps

    These handy Insect Traps will attract insects, including spiders, with powerful bait inside that they cannot resist. The insects enter the trap, but never come back out! This pack of 4 Insect Traps includes easy-to-assemble boxes. Once assembled each trap will last about 3 months for no-mess, no-touch removal of all pesky insects! 9 (L) x 5 (W) x 3.5cm (H).

    AUD $19.95
  • Instant Lights

    Instant Lights

    Need help finding what you want quickly and easily? Now you can with these portable Instant Lights that use motion activation to provide instant light when touched or moved. 

    AUD $24.95
  • Laundry Bag Set

    Laundry Bag Set

    This set of mesh laundry bags comes with three handy sizes to make washing clothes a breeze. With the Laundry Bag Set you can now protect your delicate blouses, jumpers and lingerie, thereby extending the life of your garments. The breathable mesh fabric material ensures a thorough wash and rinse, which will protect your delicates and keep them like new. These laundry bags can also double as travel organiser bags, and come with zip closures to keep everything safe. Available in a pretty pink rose design. One set contains the following bag sizes: large 40x58cm, medium 30x40cm, and small 20x30cm. 

    AUD $14.95
  • LED Hand-held Magnifier

    LED Hand-held Magnifier

    If you or a loved one struggles to read small print then this LED Hand-held Magnifier is perfect for you! Featuring x2 magnification it also boasts six LED lights to illuminate and improve visibility. Newspapers, magazines, crosswords, bills and maps will become instantly legible

    AUD $24.95
  • Lighted Table Runner

    Lighted Table Runner

    This delicate silver-grey Lighted Table Runner comes with 20 light bulbs powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). Measuring 30x55cm it will make the perfect decoration for formal dinner parties. The flowery design is covered in silver glitter, which sparkles in the light. This addition to the dinner table will make any occasion special.

    AUD $24.95
  • Magic Stick Bag

    Magic Stick Bag

    Have fun with the Magic Stick Bag that offers practical storage for the kitchen, bathroom and office, without the need for nails and screws.

    AUD $16.95
  • Magnetic Pickup Tool

    Magnetic Pickup Tool

    The Magnetic Pickup Tool is ideal for retrieving small objects within the engine compartment of your vehicle or other hard to reach areas around the home, garage or workshop. It's convenient pen size stores away inside any toolbox; or use the sturdy pen clip to keep it within easy arm's reach for when you need it! Its rubber coated cushion grip handle provides a secure and comfortable hold during use. Extends to approx. 53cm.

    AUD $11.95
    AUD $16.95 save 29%
  • Moisture Absorber Bag

    Moisture Absorber Bag

    Now you can easily remove moisture from the air, and improve air quality in your home with this amazing Moisture Absorber Bag. Suitable for reducing humidity in rooms up to 40 metres square in size, it’s ideal for garages, utility rooms, cellars, caravans and bathrooms. Simply hang from a door or hook and leave for up to 3 months. Can be dried on a radiator, microwave or oven and reused as many times as you like! Made of Silica Gel. Measures 18 x 9cm.

    AUD $12.95
  • No Sew Thread

    No Sew Thread

    The No Sew Thread gives instant permanent bonding for almost any fabric including vinyl and leather. Use it to fix holes, hems and seams on clothing, furniture, autos, curtains, purses, tents, linens, luggage and more. It is fully machine washable, and holds through washing, dry cleaning, ironing and boiling. (36ml).

    AUD $9.95
  • No Slip Chair Pads (Set of 4)

    No Slip Chair Pads (Set of 4)

    These Non-Slip Chair Pads will help prevent dangerous slipping, sliding and slouching into uncomfortable positions, which can cause future back problems and bad posture.

    AUD $7.95
    AUD $12.95 save 39%
  • Non-Slip Mat

    Non-Slip Mat

    This attractive microfibre Non-Slip Mat will dry faster then most other cotton mats due to thousands of super-fine fibres that allow water to be soaked up quickly and locked inside the mat.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%