• Toilet Sensor Light

    Toilet Sensor Light

    Now you can have just the right amount of light where and when you need it with this Toilet Sensor Light. Don’t be shocked by harsh overhead lights, this unique smart motion detection system senses your arrival from as far away as 3.5 metres and turns itself on when you enter.

    AUD $14.95
    AUD $19.95 save 25%
  • Toothpaste Dispenser

    Toothpaste Dispenser

    This hands-free Toothpaste Dispenser is the ideal accompaniment for every bathroom. Just press to dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste for your brush every time! Comes with self-adhesive strip to install easily onto any surface, no tools or batteries required. Fits most sized tubes of toothpaste. Great for the whole family!  (toothbrushes not included).

    AUD $24.95
  • Towel Rings

    Towel Rings

    These practical and stylish towel rings will complement any decor. No screws required, they simply fit over the lip of your cupboard.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $39.95 save 50%
  • Traditional Household Handbook

    Traditional Household Handbook

    Forget about expensive branded products for cleaning, cooking, fixing, gardening, health and beauty. You can create your own traditional, 'old-fashioned' remedies and solutions using simple and safe ingredients from around the home and all for just pennies and the information contained in the Traditional Household Handbook.

    AUD $34.95
  • Ultimate Household Handbook

    Ultimate Household Handbook

    Hundreds of household tips on cleaning, fixing, health, cooking, gardening, washing, motoring, beauty, finance, and more all in one handy book. The Ultimate Household Handbook is a must have heirloom for every home. 

    AUD $34.95
  • Ultimate Lint remover

    Ultimate Lint remover

    This Ultimate Lint Remover delivers quick and effective removal of fuzz balls, pills, lint and pet hair – guaranteed! One end has an in-built lint brush whilst the other has 3 interchangeable head options for fuzz removal.....

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%
  • Vinyl Record Coasters

    Vinyl Record Coasters

    Enjoy these creative vinyl coasters every time you drink a favourite beverage. Their retro style makes a great addition to any party.
    AUD $19.95
  • Wall Clock Safe

    Wall Clock Safe

    Wall Clock Safe is a clever way to safeguard your valuables from prying eyes! It appears to be a regular wall clock, however swing open the latch and your safe is hidden just behind! Looks just like a regular backing but inside are shelves to hide your jewellery, cash, credit cards and other precious items!

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%
  • Wash Blocks

    Wash Blocks

    Here is a way to instantly reduce the noise and vibration of pulsating washing machines. These Wash Blocks are easy to install and help to protect your appliances.

    They absorb shock and keep your washers and dryers from walking, while also reducing maintenance costs. Each block measures 2cm deep with 4.5cm circumference. Pack of 4.

    AUD $17.50
  • Wool Dryer Balls

    Wool Dryer Balls

    Harness the natural power of wool with these 100 percent Wool Dryer Balls! Utilising the ability of wool to absorb moisture they will reduce the drying time of all your laundry, thereby saving you time, money and thousands of drying hours!

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%