New Arrivals


  • Air Pressure Maxx

    Air Pressure Maxx

    The cordless rechargeable Air Pressure Maxx will let you easily inflate tyres, sporting equipment, pool toys and more! It’s so lightweight and easy to use that never again will you need to wait by the side of the road due to a flat tyre, or queue up for ages at the petrol station to check your tyre pressure.

  • Dressing Helper

    Dressing Helper

    Now help is at hand for all your dressing needs with the ultimate Dressing Helper. The top end provides two aids for dressing with a high-strength S-hook that allows you to pull on a jacket, shirt, blouse or pants and also easily retrieve clothing or other items.

  • Help Me Up Cane

    Help Me Up Cane

    Need help standing or sitting? Look no further than the incredible Help Me Up Cane, designed to be the perfect helping hand for anyone with limited mobility, bad knees or hips. 
  • Leather Coin Purse

    Leather Coin Purse

    This stylish Leather Coin Purse is perfect for keeping all your savings in!  Hand crafted from genuine super soft leather it features four handy zipped compartments that give you a place for everything and will last for years! 

  • Magical Chiffon Wrap

    Magical Chiffon Wrap

    This Magical Chiffon Wrap is the ultimate wardrobe item. Not only are there six fantastic designs to choose from there are over nine different ways to wear it!

  • Sand Free Mat

    Sand Free Mat

    Enjoy picnics on the beach without getting sand in your food and clothes with this easy carry Sand Free Mat. Utilising multi-weave technology this mat means that sand falls straight through and doesn’t come back up!

  • Shoe Wash Bags

    Shoe Wash Bags

    This ingenious Shoe Wash Bag takes the bother out of keeping shoes clean. Designed for both the washer and dryer it lets you wash and dry a pair of running shoes, sneakers or tennis shoes in no time.

  • Sweeper Maxx Deluxe

    Sweeper Maxx Deluxe

    Introducing the Sweeper Maxx Deluxe that collects and captures almost anything: paper, dust, pet hair, leaves, dirt and more both quickly and effectively into its built-in dirt bin.

  • Vinyl Record Coasters

    Vinyl Record Coasters

    Enjoy these creative vinyl coasters every time you drink a favourite beverage. Their retro style makes a great addition to any party.
  • Waterproof Picnic Mat

    Waterproof Picnic Mat

    This fantastic Waterproof Picnic Mat has so many uses. Great for outdoor picnics and beach outings, it folds up into a handy carry size complete with Velcro close and handle.

  • Wizzit Epilator

    Wizzit Epilator

    Say goodbye to cuts, nicks, painful waxing and shaving rash forever with the Wizzit Epilator. The automatic tweezers in this unit have been scientifically designed to remove even the smallest and finest hair with pinpoint accuracy, leaving your skin soft and stubble free. Complete with instructions, this battery-operated epilator is petite, making it easy to hold and perfect for travelling so you can touch-up wherever you are!
  • Zoom Tac Lantern

    Zoom Tac Lantern

    Are you in need of some portable lighting free of wires and plugs? Then look no further than this compact Zoom Tac Lantern. Small in statue but big on delivery it carries 300 Lumens in brightness and offers 360 degrees of super strong LED light.