New Arrivals


  • Easy Grip Tweezers

    Easy Grip Tweezers

    If you find tweezers fiddly and hard to use then these Easy Grip Tweezers are just the answer. Their ergonomic shape makes them comfortable and ideal for those with weak fingers or dexterity issues. 

    USD $19.95
  • Easy Leg Lifter

    Easy Leg Lifter

    Now help is at hand with the Easy Leg Lifter. Gives you the independence you need to lift legs in and out of bed, into a wheelchair footrest or in and out of the car.
    USD $24.95


  • Easy Release Jar Opener

    Easy Release Jar Opener

    This completely adjustable Jar Opener will help you effortlessly open any jar lid. It’s the vacuum seal that makes jars so impossible to open. This handy tool works like a ratchet. Just an easy press to break the suction and the lid twists easily off. No more banging the jar on the counter! 
    USD $19.95
  • Foot Brush

    Foot Brush

    The ergonomically designed Foot Brush is designed to tackle unsightly feet by effectively removing dead skin and massaging soles. Its large size eliminates the need to bend or stoop while cleaning your feet in the shower. Contoured to gently cradle the foot it massages and exfoliates producing a sterilizing effect to keep your feet healthy and conditioned. 
    USD $24.95
  • Gadget Organiser

    Gadget Organiser

    Keep all your cables, adaptors, memory cards and electronic accessories safely in one place with this lightweight Gadget Organiser. It’s soft lining and durable cover protects and organises your valuables and lets you easily locate them when needed. Comes with SD card pocket, zipped pocket and 9 storage sections with elastic to hold items snugly in place. End the frustration of missing cables and computer items today with the Gadget Organiser! Measures 18 x 25cm (closed).

    USD $19.95
  • Garden Dig Gloves

    Garden Dig Gloves

    Make gardening fun again with this pair of amazing Garden Dig Gloves. They take the hassle out of digging, planting and raking. One glove comes with four built in durable ABS plastic claws allowing you to dig and rake without a hand tool! 

    USD $19.95
  • Magic Gutter Bags

    Magic Gutter Bags

    Unbelievably simple to use, these Magic Gutter Bags will clean gutters naturally for you. No need for ladders, simply throw a bag onto the roof or gutter. 
    USD $29.95
  • Meat Shred Claws

    Meat Shred Claws

    This professional kitchen tool makes shredding all types of meat faster, safer and easier than any fork. With the Meat Shred Claws you can speedily shred pork, chicken, turkey, beef and more. 
    USD $19.95
  • Mini Pancake Maker

    Mini Pancake Maker

    With the Mini Pancake Maker you can now make and flip multiple mini pancakes without the mess! Ergonomic handles let you safely grip and flip each time you cook. 
    USD $24.95
  • Pet Hair Vacuum

    Pet Hair Vacuum

    Pet shedding is a hassle, fur gets everywhere in the home and can be so hard to clean up. The innovative Pet Hair Vacuum uses a gentle suction technology to suck out loose fur gently and easily. It’s built-in massaging nubs work to give the sensation of being brushed, so your pet enjoys it too! Handy canister collects loose fur for easy disposal. 
    USD $29.95
  • Precious Pearl Bloom Brooch

    Precious Pearl Bloom Brooch

    Here’s a modern twist to classic pearls with this stunning Precious Pearl Bloom Brooch set in a gorgeous floral design.

    USD $19.95
  • Reflexology Gloves

    Reflexology Gloves

    These vibrantly printed Reflexology Gloves allow you to treat your whole body via the reflex points located in your hands. The ancient and natural art of reflexology is easy with the pressure points clearly labeled.

    USD $19.95