• Opal & Crystal Ensemble

    Opal & Crystal Ensemble

    This stunning treasure trove displays four round white opals to their best advantage. Featured in chevron shaped gold-tone settings, this ensemble includes an adjustable ring, stud post earrings and a pendant with crystal accent suspended from a 60cm cable chain. Presented in a black velveteen gift pouch this rich array is sure to make someone’s day! 

    USD $69.95
  • Amethyst Crystal Rose Gold Necklace

    Amethyst Crystal Rose Gold Necklace

    This stunning Amethyst Crystal Rose Gold Necklace is a standout piece capturing a modern and elegant design. Its beaded chain measures 45cm with a centerpiece of 4 genuine amethysts alternating with 5 sparkling crystals. An evening out on the town will be complete with this necklace!

    USD $39.95
  • Titanium Easy Knee Support

    Titanium Easy Knee Support

    Titanium Easy Knee Support

    USD $29.95
  • Emergency Lifetime Flashlight

    Emergency Lifetime Flashlight

    With this Emergency Flashlight you'll always have light and never run the risk of dead batteries. Its built-in, perpetual self-generating power plant can never fail you.

    USD $19.95
  • Jade Ring

    Jade Ring

    Once exclusively kept for the Chinese Imperial Family, luxuriant Jade can now be part of your jewellery wardrobe! Featuring a stunning 8mm x 6mm genuine Jade cabochon oval stone set in gold tone, this ring is fully adjustable and is bound to make any wearer feel like royalty!

    USD $29.95
  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Clinical research reveals how hearing with two ears (binaural amplification) is best, so if you use an amplifier in just one ear, this can put you at a distinct disadvantage. That’s why we’re offering you a discount when you buy 2 MICRO Ampli-Ears. Offer includes a 1-year manufacturers’ repair/replacement warranty.

    USD $69.95
  • Reflexology Gloves

    Reflexology Gloves

    These vibrantly printed Reflexology Gloves allow you to treat your whole body via the reflex points located in your hands. The ancient and natural art of reflexology is easy with the pressure points clearly labeled.

    USD $19.95
  • One Touch Easy Clasps

    One Touch Easy Clasps

    With the One Touch Easy Clasps you can convert tiny, tricky clasps into easy-locking magnets! Don't stop wearing your favourite jewellery simply because you can't manage the clasps.

    USD $19.95
  • Insect Traps

    Insect Traps

    These handy Insect Traps will attract insects, including spiders, with powerful bait inside that they cannot resist. The insects enter the trap, but never come back out! This pack of 4 Insect Traps includes easy-to-assemble boxes. Once assembled each trap will last about 3 months for no-mess, no-touch removal of all pesky insects! 9 (L) x 5 (W) x 3.5cm (H).

    USD $19.95
  • Securi-Briefs



    USD $49.95
  • Ear Pro 4000

    Ear Pro 4000

    The Ear Pro 4000 delivers crystal clear sound at an affordable price. It’s our smallest and most powerful in-ear amplifier ever!
    USD $69.95
  • Car Scratch Remover

    Car Scratch Remover

    Get amazing results in just seconds with this Car Scratch Remover! Car Scratch Remover can be used on all cars, vans, motorcycles, boats, caravans - in all colours. It’s tip has a cushioning system that helps it to adapt to all kinds of surfaces and its technology doesn’t just eliminate scratches, it also fills, seals and protects them from corrosion. No more having to pay expensive body shop charges for minor marks and scratches. Car Scratch Remover solves the problem quickly and easily - and at such low cost.
    USD $49.95