The Sciatica Relief Handbook

The Sciatica Relief Handbook


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If you ever experience Sciatica symptoms such as:

  • Pain in the buttocks
  • Pain in your lower back
  • Numbness in your legs or feet
  • Pain shooting down one or both legs

you should get a copy of the book, The Sciatica Relief Handbook. The book reveals natural ways to prevent Sciatica flare-ups and how to relieve Sciatica pain.

The book contains up-to-date information on Sciatica - what causes painful symptoms, how they can be relieved naturally, and how to protect yourself from future Sciatica problems.  The book gives you specific facts on natural, alternative and medical treatments. You’ll learn about these treatments and find out how and why they work.

For example, you’ll discover how a simple exercise brings relief, and you’ll learn simple self-help tips that prevent Sciatica problems. You’ll discover what nutrients help soothe the Sciatic nerve and what specific foods may prevent Sciatica flare-ups and promote healing. The book even explains in detail about the Sciatic nerve, the various ways it may become inflamed and cause pain, how to find out specifically what causes distress, what to do and what not to do - and why millions of people experience Sciatica and lower back pain.

Here's what satisfied readers of the book report:

“Just one simple exercise in the book did the trick - I did the exercise while watching TV and no longer have pain”.

One woman now sleeps like a baby at night following one simple tip covered in the book. Thanks to the book, one man is now dancing again after suffering on and off for years.

Get all the facts.

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