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If you like the idea of dropping two dress sizes instantly, then you need to try our best selling Slimming Vest. Just slip it on under clothing – even clothes that are too tight – and when you look in the mirror you’ll discover a new, streamlined silhouette looking back at you!
Look slimmer immediately
Whether you feel you’re just a little too big in the waist, or a real jelly-belly, our Slimming Vest’s powerful "synthetic muscle" control will shape your waistline and flatten your stomach so you’ll look sleeker and trimmer straight away.
No one will know your secret
Wear the Slimming Vest anywhere, under anything. No one will know you have it on. Order yours now and watch that waistline bulge disappear. Even better, take advantage of our special offer and BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Breathable elastane fabric blend
  • Available in Beige only
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