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Our best-selling 18 & 20 link magnetic unisex bracelets are timeless classics of exceptional quality. Each bracelet has gold-plated panels concealing powerful therapeutic magnets and expands smoothly for an all day, comfort fit. Choose between the regular strength of 4,800 gauss or the super magnetic power of 10,200 gauss.
This gold-plated, copper bangle is simple, stylish and looks fantastic on anyone. Open-ended for an easily adjustable fit, the Bio-Healing bangle has a therapeutic magnet in each of the gold balls and because it’s made of copper, you get double the healing power.
Cats Eye
Beautifully finished with two highly polished balls set with genuine Cat’s Eye gemstones, this elegant flexible bangle features a gold and silver two-tone twist and conceals two 1,000 gauss therapeutic magnets. 
This stunning cuff bangle features a beautiful gold, silver and rose tone design. It conceals two high-strength, therapeutic magnets that gently press on the wrist for maximum effect.
This stunning copper bangle has a beautiful patterned design concealing two 1,000 gauss, therapeutic magnets which means that you can experience both the health benefits of magnetic therapy and the healing properties of copper.
This gorgeously chic bracelet has a highly polished gold tone finish, is incredibly light to wear and yet conceals six, powerful therapeutic magnets with an impressive strength of 8,000 gauss.
Beautifully designed with a polished silver and matt gold finish, the Devine contains six therapeutic magnets with an incredible magnetic strength of 8,000 gauss.
Chinese Good Luck
Concealing six therapeutic magnets, the Chinese believe these sacred gemstones - interspersed with the symbol of eternal blessing - will bring love, longevity, prosperity, harmony, and peace to all who wear them. Decorated with all five of the ancient Chinese sacred gemstones - Red Onyx, Tiger Eye, Aventurine, Sandstone and Turquoise, it’s a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. 
The Copper Magnetic Bangle is a timeless classic that looks fantastic on anyone.  Concealing six, therapeutic magnets with an impressive magnetic strength of 9,000 gauss, now you can experience the health benefits of magnetic therapy and the healing properties of copper.
A striking piece of statement jewellery, this bracelet conceals six, powerful, therapeutic magnets. With a bold, black and gold chevron design and a highly polished finish, the Glamour bracelet adds a touch of class to any outfit.
Floating Diamante
This beautiful bangle features four, floating diamantes that glide across a channel cut, sparkling and catching the light as you move. With a stunning, decorative design and gold-tone finish, this impressive bangle conceals two powerful, 1000 gauss therapeutic magnets.
Our Chi Balance Bangle has a simple but sophisticated design concealing two therapeutic magnets sealed inside two gold-plated balls. Each magnet has an impressive magnetic strength of 1,000 gauss.
The Flourish Magnetic Copper Bangle has a gorgeous patterned design that conceals six 800 gauss therapeutic magnets. The beauty of this bangle is that you can experience the health benefits of magnetic therapy and the healing properties of copper at the same time!
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