• Mini Duster

    Mini Duster

    This handy Mini Duster will help you clean all those fiddly and hard to reach places. Its clever design features a 3-pronged microfibre head that is perfect for venetian blinds and air conditioning vents.
    AUD $14.95
  • Ostrich Feather Duster

    Ostrich Feather Duster

    The electrostatic properties and natural oils in this Ostrich Feather Duster work to attract and trap dust and dirt instantly. Now you have the perfect tool for cleaning all those delicate objects around the home. 
    AUD $39.95
  • Oven Hood Degreaser

    Oven Hood Degreaser

    The average home creates over four litres of cooking grease per year, and most of it gets trapped inside your oven hood and vents. Now help is at hand with this convenient Oven Hood Degreaser that contains powerful degreasing agents to cut through the most stubborn buildup! 

    AUD $24.95
  • Palm Scrubber

    Palm Scrubber

    Here is a fun & easy way to get the dishes clean! This Palm Scrubber fits neatly in the hand to let you scrub your plates, pots and pans with ease. 
    AUD $12.95
  • Robotic Vacuum

    Robotic Vacuum

    Welcome to the Robotic Vacuum that lets you vacuum your floors from the comfort of your own couch! Now you can dispose of dust, hair and other debris around your home with this clever helper. 
    AUD $199.95
  • Scrubby Scrubbers

    Scrubby Scrubbers

    These extra thick heavy duty Scrubby Scrubbers have thousands of silicone bristles for opening jars and cleaning dishes, furniture and more! 
    AUD $19.95
  • Silver Cleaning Cloths

    Silver Cleaning Cloths

    These reusable Silver Cleaning Cloths make polishing a breeze. Built-in polish removes tarnish with a wipe. Will help reduce future tarnishing on all your silver. Great for shining stainless steel taps, pots and pans too. Pack of 12. Each measures 10 x 8cm.

    AUD $11.95
  • Sweeper Maxx Deluxe

    Sweeper Maxx Deluxe

    Introducing the Sweeper Maxx Deluxe that collects and captures almost anything: paper, dust, pet hair, leaves, dirt and more both quickly and effectively into its built-in dirt bin.

    AUD $39.95
  • Ultimate Dust Mite Cloths

    Ultimate Dust Mite Cloths

    Dust mites are microscopic animals that have been linked to allergies, hay fever, dermatitis, rhinitis and asthma. They feed off organic matter, mostly the dead skin found on furniture and in house dust.

    AUD $8.85
    AUD $19.95 save 56%
  • Ultrasonic Scrubber

    Ultrasonic Scrubber

    Make household chores a breeze again with the Ultrasonic Scrubber! It's oscillating brush provides quick and effective cleaning in difficult areas with a powerful scrubbing action.

    AUD $29.95