• Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

    Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

    Discover how our innovative Neck and Shoulder Relaxer can help relieve discomfort in tense muscles by using it for just 10-15 minutes a day. 
    AUD $49.95
  • Pelvic Support Belt

    Pelvic Support Belt

    If you suffer from discomfort in your lower back and feel you could do with a helping hand during sports or everyday activities, our Pelvic Support Belt may be just what you’ve been looking for. 
    AUD $49.95
  • Portable Bidet

    Portable Bidet

    The handy design of this Portable Bidet converts any toilet into a bidet. Just fill the plastic basin in the sink and rest the wide rim securely on any standard toilet bowl. 

    AUD $24.95
  • Posture Support Vest

    Posture Support Vest

    If you suffer from discomfort in your lower back, you may benefit from wearing our best selling Posture Support Vest.
    AUD $19.95
  • Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

    Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

    Everyone who suffers from arthritis should read this new, groundbreaking publication by Anne Charlish – an award winning author and leading authority on the subject.

    AUD $34.95
  • Restless Legs Syndrome

    Restless Legs Syndrome

    If you have trouble falling asleep or sitting because of uncomfortable sensations in your legs accompanied by an irresistible urge to move, you may suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). A new handbook has just been released that reveals how to get all-natural relief from this condition.
    AUD $34.95
  • Self-Heating Back Strap

    Self-Heating Back Strap

    If you suffer from a sore, uncomfortable lower back, why not give our Self-Heating Back Strap a try. This comfortable, strap uses infrared, nano- technology to provide deep penetrating heat in minutes.
    AUD $11.95
    AUD $39.95 save 70%
  • Self-heating Neck Wrap

    Self-heating Neck Wrap

    If you suffer from a sore neck and tired shoulders, why not give our Self-Heating Neck Wrap a try. This comfortable, neoprene wrap uses magnets and tourmaline technology to provide deep penetrating heat in minutes.
    AUD $24.95
  • Soothing Headband

    Soothing Headband

    Ease head tension naturally with our Soothing Headband. Made of soft, comfortable blue fabric, the headband is lined with a removable gel pack. All you have to do is pop the pack in the freezer for 60 minutes, and then just sit back, relax and enjoy cool relief.
    AUD $24.95
  • Soothing Headband Refill

    Soothing Headband Refill

    Extra refill now available for the Soothing Headband. Just chill the gel pack refill for 60 minutes in the freezer. Having extra gel packs means you will always have a spare refill ready to go in the freezer.

    AUD $9.95
  • Stabilisers for Active-3 Knee Support

    Stabilisers for Active-3 Knee Support

    Add extra support to your Active-3 Knee Supports whenever you need it. Simply slip in the Active-3 Knee Spring Stabilisers – it takes just seconds!

    AUD $10.00
  • Support Socks

    Support Socks

    Our best selling Support Socks do a wonderful job of combining soft comfort with the benefit of firm support. Designed to stay in place without restricting the legs, these socks fit the natural contours of your legs and stay up all day without sagging.
    AUD $14.95