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Complete System Of Self Healing


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Men and women from all over the world have described this as an extraordinary method to drive illness from your body - a method that actually works.

The Chinese do not believe that surgery or medicine is the answer to serious illness. They prefer to prevent illness with the help of so-called "internal exercises". How does it work? Well, the answer lies in the palm of your hand.

These internal exercises are a type of Taoist medicine discovered in China over 6000 years ago. Here's what Dr. Chang, a world famous specialist in this healing method, says about this amazing technique.

"Today, as we get older, there are a whole range of illnesses that affect us; high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, embolism and all kinds of other possible illnesses. Until recently, people in Western civilisations only had a few options to effectively counteract this thereby allowing the body and mind to become weakened."


"...The first thing these 'internal exercises' do is to strengthen the body and mind. If you learn the energy generating exercises, you will be able to manage the enormous energy flows on which our lives depend."

"...Regularly carrying out the internal exercises guarantees self-healing"

"The internal exercises are very easy, require minimal physical effort and take very little time. In fact, they are exactly the opposite of normal physical training and regulate your circulation without increasing the heart rate."

"According to Taoist principles our lifespan is connected with the beating of the heart and the heart is seen as the key to overall wellbeing. The internal exercises promote even cardio rhythms that keep the heart healthy.

Here is an example of a very simple internal exercise that increases the energy of the heart:

"Sit or stand comfortably and hold out your outstretched hands at shoulder height in front of your chest. Your fingertips should be as close together as possible, but not moving. Your eyes should be fixed on your fingertips or half closed."


"Without any physical exertion, or even the slightest movement this simple 'internal exercise' will make a big difference to your health without putting any strain on your heart."

"The exercise generates a flow of energy which enters through the fingers of the right hand, passes through the chest and heart and then leaves via the left arm, hand and fingers"

"It is the steady flow of this energy through the heart that STRENGTHENS THE HEART MUSCLE AND BLOOD VESSELS. Soon you feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips - and then you know that your heart is becoming stronger."

Here are just some of the benefits...

  • "The exercise for the solar plexus (described in the book) is used by the Chinese to drive illness from the body, by lying comfortably on your back and using only the palms of your hands."
  • "This posture strengthens and tones the upper thighs, strengthens the stomach muscles and improves circulation in the legs. Water retention and excess weight can be reduced."
  • "If you simply massage the outer side of the legs from top to bottom, you can ease high blood pressure or arthritis."
  • "This movement helps constipation, promotes the absorption of nutrients and strengthens the whole alimentary canal. Harmful microbes have a hard time finding their way into the body - making you a lot less susceptible to illness."
  • "Many illnesses, such as tinnitus or hearing loss, can be eased or cured by this exercise."
  • "Chattering your teeth, as described on page 151, strengthens your jaw bone and keeps your teeth healthy."

Dr Chang also explains:

  • How you can do without your glasses, by simply massaging the region around your eyes for a few minutes every day.
  • How you can keep your lungs strong and your sinuses healthy, just by stimulating certain points on your nose.
  • How you can use natural water to quickly heal cuts and infections.
  • How you can cleanse your heart using simple breathing exercises that strengthen and invigorate the heart muscle.
  • How you can exercise your "inner sight", which will make you the best observer of your own state of health. By doing this you will be able to pick up on the symptoms of an illness before it sets in.
  • How you can recognise stomach problems simply by concentrating on your feet.
  • For men: how you can avoid prostate problems by performing a three-minute - seated - exercise.

As Dr Chang says: "For those who help their body to fight minor illnesses the war with serious illnesses is already won!"

Just a few years ago, acupuncture, another achievement of Taoist medicine, was dismissed by most doctors as nonsense. Now, it is used by many doctors to complement traditional treatments. 'Internal exercises' are the latest phenomenon in self-healing.

Thousands of people already use this method to get healthy and stay healthy - thanks to the world famous specialist in Taoist medicine, Dr Stephen T. Chang.

You too have the opportunity to benefit from the techniques of this age-old wisdom that helps us deal with the health issues of modern life. Order today and set yourself on a new gentle path to good health.

More readers' letters

"I have read a lot of medical works, but this is the first one that is actually of any use" Mrs. Marthe

"I am so glad I have this book. It's helping my whole family. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner... every home should have one and avoid a lot of problems" Ms. Eldes

"I've been teaching the internal exercises to my yoga students (from 11 to 80 years old), and all of them feel extraordinarily well." Mrs. Germaine

"Feel free to offer me as many "Great Books" like this one as you like" Mr. Joseph

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