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Good things happen in threes with these convertible stockings!

Here is the ultimate fashion accessory that is comfortable, convenient and stylish for any occasion! These Convertible Stockings have an innovative toe flap design that provides three options for wearing: full stocking, open toe, or anklet. They have a sheer, soft waistband, control panty, hygienic cotton gusset plus the exclusive toe flap, making them the ideal stocking choice every time! Made of pull-resistant woven 20 DEN yarn they will fit and stay comfortable all day long. Each pack contains one pair and they are available in nude or black.

One pair of stockings… three ways to wear them!

Closed Toe

Wear the traditional way with a “seamless toe” that eliminates bothersome toe seams and provides comfort with closed-toe heels.

Open Toe

Utilise the innovative seamless toe flap, which “converts” to allow your stockings to be worn with open-toe shoes.

Ankle High

The seamless toe flap easily rolls to your ankle to wear with sandals or as leggings, while also providing quick access for pedicures or podiatry visits.

These convertible stockings are perfect for:

  • Traditional wear
  • Open-toe shoes
  • Pedicures
  • Podiatry visits
  • Dancing

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