Fibromyalgia Relief Handbook

Fibromyalgia Relief Handbook


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Product Description

Fibromyalgia Relief!

A new book reveals how to get relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms such as chronic muscle pain, fatigue, memory or concentration problems, sleeping problems, headaches, numbness and tingling, and sensitivity to cold.

The Fibromyalgia Relief Handbook reveals the latest information on Fibromyalgia – why its specific cause is not known, how it can best be treated and how to protect yourself from troublesome symptoms.

This book gives you specific facts on the brand new natural, alternative and medical solutions that can bring prompt and welcome relief. You’ll discover specific measures to deal with “hurting all over”, tender spots, getting a good night’s sleep, irritable bowel problems, and the other symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

The book reveals what foods help the condition, what you should know about the nutrients calcium and magnesium and what to avoid at all costs. You’ll even discover the benefits of therapeutic massage relaxation and meditation techniques, exercise – and much more.

The book gives you a full explanation of Fibromyalgia – in plain English – and why so many people suffer from it.

Many people are suffering from Fibromyalgia symptoms because they do not know where to find safe and appropriate treatment. Get all the facts.

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