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Our leather Foot Cradles have a flexible plastic “bone” that provides arch support & moulds to the shape of your foot. They’ll rebalance your feet, relieve pain & create a soothing effect all the way up your body.
Instant pain relief
Good health depends on your feet. The slightest misalignment can send problems rippling up the body resulting in pain – foot, knee, leg, hip, back and neck pain - even headaches. The beauty of Foot Cradles is their ability to mould themselves to the contours of your feet and shoes, providing instant pain relief.
Helps stop foot pain
Now you can rebalance your feet, relieve and even end the pain in your hips, knees, feet and other areas of your body.
Order yours TODAY
For millions of people suffering from foot pain and many other aches and pains, Foot Cradles are a remarkable discovery – and the good news is, they’re changing lives all over the world.
  • Work in ALL types of shoes
  • Slide in easily & stay in place
  • Are smooth so they won’t snag stockings
  • Are made of soft, padded leather
  • Can change as your feet change
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional. Pain relief results may vary for each user.
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Foot Cradles - Deluxe
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