• Pan and Grill Scrapers

    Pan and Grill Scrapers

    Make cleaning away stubborn food remains from cookware a breeze with these handy Pan and Grill Scrapers. Featuring different edges to accommodate both flat and curved areas they are ideal for all cookware, with or without non-stick surfaces.

    AUD $5.00
    AUD $12.95 save 61%
  • Pan Separators

    Pan Separators

    You pay good money for your pans and fine china so make sure you store them properly with these flower-shaped Pan Separators. Simply place a felt separator between pots, pans, dishes or glass bowls to provide a thin layer of gentle cushioning, diminishing the chances of unwanted markings and scratches. Also stops items from locking together when stored for long periods. A must have for stainless steel, enamel, nonstick pans, dinnerware and more. Set of 14.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $19.95 save 50%
  • Potato Chipper

    Potato Chipper

    Now it's easier and safer than ever to make authentic homemade chips right at home! This Potato Chipper will cut perfect chips and vegetable sticks every time! Simply choose which cutter for either thick cut or French fry style chip, place peeled vegetable inside and pull down handle - so simple!

    AUD $17.95
    AUD $24.95 save 28%
  • Salad Cutter Bowl

    Salad Cutter Bowl

    Here is the easy way to enjoy a nutritious and delicious salad! This Salad Cutter Bowl lets you wash and strain your salad vegetables, cut them safely and easily through the specially designed slots, and instantly serve them.

    AUD $12.50
    AUD $24.95 save 50%
  • Salad Spinner

    Salad Spinner

    Ensure your salads are always crisp and delicious with this handy Salad Spinner. Simply wash your greens and place them inside the jug and twirl the water away!

    AUD $14.95
    AUD $29.95 save 50%
  • Salt n Pepper Light Bulb Shakers

    Salt n Pepper Light Bulb Shakers

    This pair of stylish Salt & Pepper Light Bulb Shakers will look wonderful in any home. They both have secure screw top lids and a solo hole in the top for easy sprinkling of your favourite seasonings.

    AUD $12.45
    AUD $24.95 save 50%
  • Silicon Basting Brushes

    Silicon Basting Brushes

    These Silicone Basting Brushes give all the benefits of traditional basting brushes without the hassles! Made from high-heat resistant silicone that can withstand up to 294C they won’t melt, shred, fray, stain, retain odours, or lose their shape.  Hygienic and easy to clean they provide excellent control while spreading your favourite glaze or marinade and will last for years. Set of 3.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $14.95 save 33%
  • Snack Server

    Snack Server

    Serve appetizers, finger sandwiches, snacks, desserts and more on this versatile Snack Server. Simple to assemble, it gives you the option of either a 2- or 3-tier stand.

    AUD $19.95
    AUD $29.95 save 33%
  • Snazzy Spiraliser

    Snazzy Spiraliser

    This Snazzy Spiraliser is a nifty hand-held device that works with a variety of fruits and veggies! Now you can make zucchini pasta, beet garnish, sweet potato fries and more! The open-blade design accommodates both long and round vegetables, and the soft, non-slip grip is comfortable to hold. The food holder protects hands when in use and doubles as a cover for safe storage.

    AUD $9.95
    AUD $14.95 save 33%
  • Spill Guard

    Spill Guard

    Prevent annoying spillovers when cooking with this handy Spill Guard. Simply pop this clever device onto any pot before it comes to the boil and say goodbye to dangerous and messy overflows.

    AUD $11.95
    AUD $14.95 save 20%
  • Spiral Slicer

    Spiral Slicer

    Love pasta? Now you can say goodbye to high-carb, high-calorie pasta dishes and say hello to delicious, satisfying veggie pasta using the amazing Spiral Slicer.

    AUD $9.55
    AUD $19.95 save 52%
  • Splatter Screen

    Splatter Screen

    This sturdy silicone Splatter Screen is heat resistant (up to 482F/250C), and will cover pots and pans up to 28cm, stopping messy splatters whilst cooking your favourite meals. It features 2 easy-grip side handles for convenient safe usage and storage. It can also be used as a trivet or strainer, making it an essential multipurpose kitchen tool.

    AUD $14.95
    AUD $19.95 save 25%