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The fastest way to tighten your tummy - just 7 minutes a day shrinks down your waistline - 10, 12 or even 14 cm's smaller!

FREE BONUS: Purchase your Dynasizer today and receive an exercise guide complete with a personal training program, healthy eating plan and results table.

Melt away pounds and carve away inches from your waist, stomach and hips with what is probably the world's fastest body-firmer... the Amazing New 'Dynasizer'! A revolutionary new invention that gives you all the fat-burning and figure-slimming benefits of hours of exercise in just 7 minutes a day! 'Dynasizer' actually firms up all 16 sets of muscles in your stomach, waist and hips – every time you move!

Just 7 minutes each day!

Developed by physical fitness experts for models, actresses and professional athletes…the 'Dynasizer' works on the principle of iso-centric resistance. A combination of isometric and isotonic dynamics focuses their entire muscle-tightening resistance on your body's support muscles. Draws them in, slims them down, firms away flab and sag without hours of exercise. The 'Dynasizer' beams its muscle-tightening resistance right to the core of each muscle, so that NOT IN HOURS, but in just 7 minutes a day you shape up your waistline, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and even your bust line faster and more effectively than hundreds of daily sit-ups or push-ups!

Guaranteed: Slim down results in 48 hours

Start using 'Dynasizer' today and you will begin to see positive results in 48 hours. Best of all, you can use the 'Dynasizer' lying down, standing up or even sitting down. And because it's so light (just 350g) and so compact, you can slip it into a bag, purse or briefcase and always stay in shape, even away from home. Great for men and women of all ages. Order the 'Dynasizer' today and slim down and firm up STOMACH, WAIST, HIPS, THIGHS, BUTTOCKS, BUST & SAGGING UNDERARMS IN JUST 7 MINUTES A DAY, or you will be refunded in full. ACT NOW!

High tensile bungy with adjustable tension:

  • Regular exercise can change your body shape dramatically!
  • Quick and easy - just 7 minutes a day
  • Melts away pounds, trims the body
  • Tightens up all your stomach muscles, every time you move
  • Shrinks your waist & hips
  • No more sit ups!

FREE BONUS: Purchase your Dynasizer today and receive an exercise guide complete with a personal training program, healthy eating plan and results table.

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