The Lemon Book

The Lemon Book


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Product Description

Discover 76 amazing natural 'cure all’s' for everyday problems

After a year of research, I’ve discovered 76 of the most powerful natural remedies you can try at home today. You’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the ways something as simple as a lemon could help you clean your home without toxins... repel insects... beautify your skin... relieve stress and dozens of niggling health problems... and even treat the symptoms of ageing! Best of all, these remedies cost you only a few cents at your local shop!

Try these amazing remedies

At last, all the most amazing tips and secrets are packed into ‘Lemon: Mother Nature’s Cure-All For Everyday Problems’. This is a brand new book you can read in the comfort of your own home... without risking a cent!   

It includes gems like:

  • Got an interview or important meeting...? Try this lemon trick the night before (it involves fire, so be careful!)... page 27
  • Fight dandruff by using lemon juice and shampoo STRICTLY in this order... page 28
  • Constipation? Do this half an hour before you have breakfast... page 27
  • Over 60...? The surprising reason why you should rub lemon juice on the back of your hands... page 41
  • Revealed at last! Cleopatra’s anti-wrinkle remedy... page 42
  • LADIES! Why putting a lemon in your fridge will give you the most powerful skin cleanser for cents... page 46
  • The best end-of-day soak you’ll ever try! Just mix 2 tbsp. of lemon juice
  • With these 3 household ingredients and feel every ache and pain simply drift away... page 33.
  • But a lemon isn’t just a powerful health booster...

Solve dozens of household problems!

  • Sweat stains on clothes? This simple little trick will shift them in two minutes... page 52
  • How to get perfect rice every time! Just do this with some lemon juice just as the water starts to boil (but don’t add a drop more than stated or it will sour the rice!)... page 58
  • Make your house insect-proof! Arm yourself with lemon juice, rind and segments, and follow these instructions... page 59
  • Do you want to find out what sort of personality you have? Or your family or friends? Then do this with ONE drop of lemon juice, and ALL will be revealed... page 62
  • Chef’s secret! The magic trick that will make the vegetables in your Sunday roast look the best ever... page 58
  • If you want your mushrooms to have an intense taste, just do this as they cook. I don’t know how this works, but it does... page 66.

In Lemon: Mother Nature’s “Cure All” for Everyday Problems, you’ll see how good health, long life, and a clean home doesn’t have to cost you hassle or money. Lemons can replace many of those expensive, toxic-laden cleaning products... overpriced lotions and creams... and save you hundreds of dollars on health supplements.

Discover all these in Lemon: Mother Nature’s “Cure-All” For Everyday Problems. Order now at this very low price. Read it. Enjoy it. Try the tips!

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