Vinegar Honey & Garlic

Vinegar Honey & Garlic


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Product Description

What can Vinegar be used for?

Fresh off the press! After many years of research, Maxwell Stein, specialist in natural health, has put together some wonderful vinegar based recipes and remedies in his new book “Vinegar - Nature's Secret Weapon”.

Vinegar – nature’s secret weapon

You will be amazed by the incredible power and properties of vinegar. You will discover many, many ways to keep your home beautifully clean and sparkling. Vinegar helps you do this NATURALLY and simply.

And you will be delighted with the money you save. Why spend dollars on expensive cleaning products from the supermarket when vinegar can do the job for practically nothing.

“Vinegar - Nature's Secret Weapon” will surprise and delight you with its natural ways to improve your personal life and your home. From the beginning of time, easy and practical popular recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Ways to use other household products have also been handed down. Here’s just a few:

Throughout the house

• Get rid of germs • Disinfect and deodorise • Clean carpets and rugs • Clean windows and mirrors • Get rid of ink, coffee, rust, red and white wine stains • Polish chrome, brass, copper and leather.

For the laundry

• Return colours to their original intensity • Give all your whites an immaculate sparkle • Remove perspiration and deodorant stains • Prevent clothes becoming shiny when ironing.

In the kitchen

• Destroy bacteria • Give glasses and china a lovely sparkle • Rejuvenate old saucepans • Disinfect refrigerators, chopping boards and kitchen utensils • Clean the oven without having to scrub • Destroy bad smells • Remove stains.

In the bathroom

• Keep the shower cubicle sparklingly clean • Prevent and combat mildew • Clean windows.

In gardens, yards and garages

• Repel insects • Protect plants from ant infestation • Encourage plants’ growth • Get rid of weeds.

For your pets

• Keep cats away from a particular area • Get rid of pet odour.

Cooking with Vinegar

• Tenderise meat • Use in delicious recipes for the enjoyment of all the family • Preserve vegetables beautifully • Make your own vinegars • Make sauces for marinades, preserves and cooking.

A beautiful, healthy body

• A refreshing bath tonic • The anti-dandruff vinegar remedy passed on by grandmother works every time • Prepare your own hair treatment • Get rid of liver spots.

These are just a few of the hundreds of uses for vinegar that you will discover. There are so many that you will be wishing you had discovered them sooner.

Two FREE Gifts

Honey and Garlic too!

As a special bonus and for a limited time only, we have included two completely free sections to the Vinegar book - so, not only do you get a Vinegar book, but you also get a Honey book and Garlic book too – that’s three of nature's secret wonders all included in the one low price.

You'll see how Maxwell put these three natural wonders to the test as he looks at many common ailments. He talks about how honey and garlic have been used as simple, yet cost effective home remedies - alone or mixed with vinegar and at a fraction of what you'd pay for commercially prepared products.

In these two special BONUS sections of “Vinegar, - nature's secret weapon”, Maxwell looks at many health problems and reveals how simple treatments can be used to treat them, such as:

  • A simple drink used to ease muscle pain fast!
  • An easy to prepare mixture to prevent burns from scarring
  • A tasty recipe, used to help keep cholesterol at a healthy level
  • A fast remedy used to treat cold sores
  • A morning treat to ease the discomfort of asthma
  • A delicious tea that adds sparkle to your sex life
  • A tasty brew that has been used to help lose weight
  • A method to stop toothache by relieving pain naturally
  • A Russian folk remedy, used to treat colds
  • A fast method for clearing spots and blemishes
  • A simple method to ease gas and indigestion problems fast
  • A simple preparation used to combat the flu

And many, many more health problems answered.

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