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  • Traditional Household Handbook

    Traditional Household Handbook

    Forget about expensive branded products for cleaning, cooking, fixing, gardening, health and beauty. You can create your own traditional, 'old-fashioned' remedies and solutions using simple and safe ingredients from around the home and all for just pennies and the information contained in the Traditional Household Handbook.

  • The Amazing Dynasizer

    The Amazing Dynasizer

    Melt away pounds and carve away inches from your waist, stomach and hips with what is probably the world's fastest body-firmer... the Amazing New 'Dynasizer'!

  • Swarovski Crystal Bracelet + Free Ring

    Swarovski Crystal Bracelet + Free Ring

    You won't believe your eyes when you wear this bracelet for the first time – it is stunning! The brilliance and sparkle of the Swarovski® crystals will raise your spirit and are sure to get admiring glances!

    €89.95 save 33%
  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    The MICRO Ampli-Ear is our smallest ever in-ear amplifier. Increase the volume of whispers, phone conversations, the TV (even when on low) and conversations in crowded rooms. You may never have to apologise again for not being able to hear.

  • Acupressure Pad

    Acupressure Pad

    The Acu-Therapy Acupressure Pad targets lower back pain, hip & leg pain, sciatica and more. Independently tested, it can help relieve pain after just one wear.

  • Clean Ear Deluxe

    Clean Ear Deluxe

    The New Clean Ear Deluxe is an amazing new device specially designed to relieve the frustrating problem of waxy build-up in the ear safely, effectively and in no time at all.

  • U-Slender Plus

    U-Slender Plus

    If you wish you could get back to looking like the old you fast, why not try the revolutionary U-Slender Plus. No need for painful sit-ups or expensive visits to the gym – this is an effective workout you can do in the privacy of your own home.
  • Air Pressure Maxx

    Air Pressure Maxx

    The cordless rechargeable Air Pressure Maxx will let you easily inflate tyres, sporting equipment, pool toys and more! It’s so lightweight and easy to use that never again will you need to wait by the side of the road due to a flat tyre, or queue up for ages at the petrol station to check your tyre pressure.

  • Magical Chiffon Wrap

    Magical Chiffon Wrap

    This Magical Chiffon Wrap is the ultimate wardrobe item. Not only are there six fantastic designs to choose from there are over nine different ways to wear it!

  • Oven Hood Degreaser

    Oven Hood Degreaser

    The average home creates over four litres of cooking grease per year, and most of it gets trapped inside your oven hood and vents. Now help is at hand with this convenient Oven Hood Degreaser that contains powerful degreasing agents to cut through the most stubborn buildup! 

  • Air Fryer

    Air Fryer

    Now you can have your ultimate dream-cooking machine! No more juggling between the oven, fry pan and grill, with the Airwave Fryer it’s all done in one!

  • Magic Floating Pen

    Magic Floating Pen

    Since the beginning of time we have all been captivated and enchanted by the spell of magic! Now you too can create your own illusion with this Magic Floating Pen. Your friends and family won’t believe their eyes!