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  • Levine Knee Strap

    Levine Knee Strap

    If you suffer from knee pain or stiffness here is a proven way to get fast relief - from the clinically proven Power Knee Strap now available direct to the public.

    USD $29.95
  • Natural Clear

    Natural Clear

    Natural Clear is a new, completely natural treatment that removes skin tags quickly and painlessly. Skin tags are unsightly and embarrassing, particularly if they show on visible parts of the body such as the face, neck or arms. They can make you very self-conscious and many people cover them with clothing that they wouldn’t normally wear. They are surprisingly common and generally harmless, although they can be painful if you catch them on clothes or jewellery.

    USD $49.95
  • Securi-Briefs


    Urinary incontinence can be an absolute nightmare! Thousands of people suffer with the embarrassing problem of poor bladder control. Individuals who would otherwise enjoy vital, active lives find their freedom curtailed - and become prisoners of this common health complaint.

    USD $49.95
  • Bio Reflex Insoles

    Bio Reflex Insoles


    After years of research and development a German foot insole manufacturer hit upon the idea of combining their advanced footwear technology with the ancient healing art of Reflexology....

    USD $79.95
  • EasyPhone 3G

    EasyPhone 3G

    At last… a simple, easy to use, no nonsense mobile phone with some very useful features including big buttons and an SOS button.

    USD $139.00
    USD $199.00 save 30%
  • Comfort Bra

    Comfort Bra

    Who says beautiful bras can't be comfortable? Take a look at our selection of plain stretch and lace stretch comfort bras. These could be just what you have been looking for!

    USD $49.90
  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Try this tiny hearing device. The Micro Ampli-Ear is our smallest model ever with 750,000 units sold all across the United States – and now available here.

    USD $69.95
  • Bio Healing Bracelet

    Bio Healing Bracelet

    If you suffer from: Insomnia, joint pain, sciatica or migraines, try the Bio-Healing Bracelet.

    USD $44.00
  • Camera Binoculars

    Camera Binoculars

    Never miss great photo opportunities again with these amazing Camera Binoculars.
    The binoculars have a powerful 10x25 telescopic lens PLUS a built-in camera and video recorder so you can record everything you see! Perfect for viewing wildlife, sporting events and concerts, these Camera Binoculars bring the action to you! Plus you can capture every moment with the simple touch of a button, recording stills or short video clips so you can relive the moment again and again!

    USD $99.95
  • Android Smart Tablet

    Android Smart Tablet

    Enjoy the convenience and excitement of tablet computing for a fraction of the price of other tablets you will find in the shops! Surf the net, send emails, watch films, listen to music, play games and much, much more!

    USD $179.00
  • Calf Massager

    Calf Massager

    Ease muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome with this Calf Massager. Comfortable to wear, it relaxes tight muscles to help relieve aches and promote better circulation. Simply slide on the soft elastic cuff and choose light, medium or heavy massage to get instant relief.

    USD $29.95
  • Dental Water Jet

    Dental Water Jet

    The Dental Water Jet allows you to instantly and easily clean all food particles left in your mouth after eating. Flossing can be such a hassle, but not anymore! Utilising breakthrough air infusion technology this simple and effective design allows air to propel water to gently remove plaque-causing debris. And better still, this handy gadget requires no batteries or mains power, so its fully portable and ready to go anywhere with you!

    USD $24.95